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Better Eating, Better Living

Real Food magazine is a national consumer magazine designed for lovers of fresh foods looking to simplify and enrich their lives through eating well.

Real Food utilizes great writing, dramatic photography and a sumptuous design palette to celebrate the tastes and textures of quality foods as part of a vibrant, healthy and active lifestyle.

In addition to its world-class national content, Real Food also features a customized section that is specific to each of our retailer partners. It is designed to establish the expertise, friendliness, and approachability of the retailer, as well as the breadth of quality products in-store. This section builds a relationship between store and reader that is founded on trust and appreciation.

By whetting the reader’s appetite and then providing a specific purchase solution, the combination of national editorial and retailer-specific customized content in Real Food magazine provides a unique “one-two punch” solution for readers, retailers and advertisers alike.

For advertisers, Real Food is the unique opportunity to communicate with an audience looking to buy.

Real Food magazine’s incomparable editorial and design quality position it to compete effectively with, and be clearly differentiated from, the best periodicals in the marketplace.



Silver Award Winner in Overall Design: Special Interest

On November 2nd, 2017, Real Food won the Silver Award for Overall Design: Special Interest by the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association. Congratulations to the team that puts this magazine together!  

The pages between the covers of this magazine (except for any inserted material) are printed on paper made from wood fiber that was procured from forests that are sustainably managed to remain healthy, productive and biologically diverse.