Real Food:The magazine for the way we eat today

Real Food: The magazine for the way we eat today


Real Food 2017 Editorial Calendar


Creative Charcuterie

Savory meats, cheeses and more combine to balance delicious flavor with visual interest and textural appeal.

Vegetarian Meals

Meals so flavorful you won’t miss meat. Plus vegan options.

Step up Chicken

This go-to protein is jazzed up with ideas from quick weeknight meals and flavorful barbecue dishes to slowroasted weekend dinners.

Fish’s Versatility

Rich in omega-3, mild or flavorful fish is versatile for appetizers, soups, salads and main meals.

Healthy Habits

Paleo Monday-Friday


Grillin’ and Chillin’

Fire up the grill for delicious summer meals.

Fruit Desserts

Make the most of the season’s sweet, tart and juicy fresh fruits in delectable treats.

Salad Season

Give the all-time favorite cool pasta salad a lift—plus whip up good-for-you dressings to top greens.

Dips and Spreads

Who can resist a dip? Dig in and scoop up healthy hummus from avocado and red pepper to lentil and more.

Healthy Habits

Superfood Smoothies


12 Ingredients, Dinners All Week

Tackle a challenge: Take 12 ingredients, get creative and have dinners all week.

Approachable Indian Dishes

Creating the exotic and intriguing flavors of Indian food is easier than you think by using a handful of core spices to make favorite delicious dishes at home.

What’s Brewing

There’s much more to that morning pick-me-up than meets the eye—from steaming creations in cups to adding rich layers of flavors in desserts and savory dishes.

Pork Abounds

This lean protein is an excellent choice from breakfast through dinner. Plus: A guide to bacon

Healthy Habits



Dish to Pass

The answer to “What to bring?” on the many rounds of merry-making throughout the season.

Love Your Leftovers

There’s much more to love than turkey sandwiches after the big holiday feast.

A World of Bread

Every culture and cuisine has its favored crusty creations.

Perfect Pairings

Make a delicious match whether pairing cheese and wine or beer and snacks.

Healthy Habits

Metabolism Boosters